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I often receive email from, and I have participated in their online petitions before. They do a really good job at organizing the community, and making people aware of what the powers that be are up to in our country. People need to be more aware of what is going on in this country. It affects all of us.

However, I received this email today, and it really bothered me. Why would anyone who values freedom and progressive values try to stifle free speech? I sent the following response to them, and I truly hope they take heed.

I am typically very supportive of your petitions and causes, but I have to draw the line with your petition that is meant to remove Rush Limbaugh from the air here in Nashville, TN.

Please do not assume this makes me a supporter of Limbaugh’s. In fact, I think he is a vile and disgusting human being. However, this feels dangerously close to an attempt to stifle free speech. We cannot crow about OWS protestors having their speech stifled, while at the same time trying to stifle speech we don’t like. That is the tool of those in power. It is not a tool that progressives should be using. We are better than that.

Instead, we should continue to highlight Limbaugh’s frequent misdeeds. In fact, the spotlight he has been in since his Sandra Fluke comments have already made him radioactive.

Please don’t use petitions like this to advance progressive causes. It looks much like what the country did to the Dixie Chicks after comments made by Natalie Mains after the start of the Iraq war. Vile speech is still protected speech, just like politically unpopular speech is protected.

This is just my two cents, and I hope you can take it to heart. I would hate to see the progressive cause be harmed by you doing the same things that we so often rail against.

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