Is America More Liberal Than It Gives Itself Credit For?

I watched Bill Maher make an interesting statement the other night on Real Time. To paraphrase him, Americans are more liberal than they would admit to themselves. I found that interesting, because most of the people that rail against Occupy Wall Street and “Obamacare” are really people who would be aided by both. How many Republican leaning voters would be greatly aided by the health plan developed by the Obama administration? How many people who watch Fox News have been screwed over by the very banks OCW is protesting against?

I could safely say the answer is a large majority of the country. Many of these same Republican voters have been scared into distrusting the “other” they don’t understand. Health care reform with a government mandated requirement to have insurance? Must be socialism. Young adults sitting outside in tents protesting? Must be hippies and other ne’er do wells. However, none of this is really true. It is simply a situation of a President and a group of citizens standing up for a sense of fairness.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Even though President Obama can cast a spell over me with his magic Kool-Aid, I can still admit that he is not a bastion of altruism. There is certainly a political calculation in his moves. Nonetheless, it is hard to argue against the fact that theĀ Affordable Care Act would help people.

The bottom line is there are plenty of people that want there to be more fairness in our system of government these days. The people that put our economy in the tank should go to jail. There should be easier access to healthcare for all Americans. These are the simple truths of a free and just society. It’s about time conservative Americans realize they may not be as conservative as they think. When this realization hits, we may just be able to take our country back.

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