Apple Will Live On

Not sure how I went this long without talking about some big news regarding my favorite tech company. Nonetheless, here is my take on Steve Jobs’ announcement that he his stepping down as CEO of Apple. Simply put, Apple will live on. They will continue to put out innovative products that make tech geeks hold their breath. That is not to say their won’t be a void, though.

After all, Apple was a company that was left for dead in the early ’90′s. It was on the verge of bankruptcy. Jobs had been forced out of the company he co-founded, and it was floundering. Then, in 1996, Apple bought NeXT, a new company Jobs had started. He was back at Apple, and by March 1998, he was CEO. We all know the rest. Apple has since famously released a very long string of hit products.

I think the reason this is such big news is the sheer size of the Jobs’ cult of personality. The man was truly larger than life. Who can forget his introduction of the iPhone in 2007? Not to make him out to be the messiah, but it is remarkable that he was able to accomplish all that he did. After all, when has any cell phone maker been able to dictate terms to a cell phone carrier? That had never been done before.

So, Apple will live on, but the tech-scape will be a bit less interesting. It’s unclear whether we’ll find another tech personality to fill the void. I guess that really is okay. Once a legend retires or fades into the background, there doesn’t have to be an immediate replacement. I know that Tim Cook will do just fine as CEO, but regardless, we should definitely take a minute to marvel at all that Steve Jobs accomplished at Apple.

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